Upper Front Street - Binghamton
Cotton Candy! We will make 30 servings of fluffy cotton candy (15 blue raspberry and 15 pink vanilla) to take home as favors for the kids. $32
We will make fresh buttery popcorn -- just like in the movie theaters-- shortly before your party and place it in baskets on the party tables for all to enjoy! $27
Snow cones! We'll serve up the cool, refreshing treats in all your favorite flavors. $27
Pucker Powder Party Favors! Pucker Powder is a do-it-yourself version where kids can mix and match five flavors and colors in transparent tubes that have caps to keep for later. They can show off their cool designs before they scarf down the delicious puckery powder goodness. Flavors include Sour Fruit Punch, Sour Green Apple, Sweet Birthday Cake, Sour Grape, and Sweet Strawberry. $40 for 25.